Monthly Salary of Filipino Fruit Picker in Japan | ¥100,000 - ¥160,000 Monthly - JOB VACANCY IN CANADA
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Monthly Salary of Filipino Fruit Picker in Japan | ¥100,000 – ¥160,000 Monthly

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Monthly Salary of Filipino Fruit Picker in Japan | ¥100,000 – ¥160,000 Monthly

Salary in Japan JAPAN-FILIPINO FILIPINO-JAPANESE monthly salary in japan yen to peso japan money to philippine peso isang lapad.



High Paying Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada | Fruit Picking Jobs 2022 APPLY NOW !

High Paying Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada | Fruit Picking Jobs 2022 APPLY NOW !



Legally work in Japan  (HOW TO)

I know you’re itching to become a fruit picker in Japan, but let’s back up a little bit.

Simply having a passport or a tourist visa for Japan isn’t enough to get a job. To legally work and earn Japanese currency, there are two somewhat challenging obstacles to overcome.

1. Obtain a work visa

Foreigners are only allowed to stay in Japan for 90 days without a visa. To stay longer and get a job, you need a work visa.

Currently, you have two work visa options depending on your nationality.

#1.) Working Holiday Visa. Open to applicants between the age of 18 and 30, this visa is for students and travelers who are looking to make money while studying or vacationing in Japan.

Given the laxer job requirements, it’s the more flexible of the two options. Unfortunately, it’s only open to residents of 26 countries. At this time, the U.S. is not on the list.

#2.) Specified Skilled Workers Visa. Anyone over the age of 18 can apply for this visa and receive permission to work.

But there’s a catch.

You have to get a job within 14 of Japan’s pre-set industries. Fortunately, one of those industries is agriculture.

Japan also requires successful applicants to work full-time hours, which won’t leave much time for leisure activities. This is an option for Japan-loving foreigners who want to work longer-term in Japan.

2. Pass the language proficiency test

Japan requires all foreign workers to pass at least the N4 Japanese language proficiency test. School Lynk Media states that the N4 is the second easiest language test, just under the N5.

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You’ll need to learn 1,500 vocabulary words and express a satisfactory understanding of local Japanese phrases and customs. You also need a basic understanding of kanji, Japan’s system of writing that utilizes Chinese characters.


Finally, you have to pass an oral exam, where you listen to common Japanese phrases and must follow the conversation.


It might sound like a pain, but if you’re unable to at least partially communicate with the farm’s staff, you won’t last long on the job anyway. Don’t think of learning a language as a chore. Think of it as an opportunity to immerse yourself deeper into the Japanese culture.

You can purchase online workbooks and supplemental study materials to help you to pass your exam. And if your language skills aren’t where you need them to be, you can take intensive language lessons to whip you into shape in about a month.


Is Fruit Picking A Hard Job? 

Fruit picking is after all a physical task, so it is vastly different from an office job. Your days will be spent using your strength to pick fruits, baskets and all sorts of things during working hours.

You would also be required to start your day early as farm work begins before the sun rises.

There will also be a lot of repetitive movements in doing the work.

You will definitely need comfortable and sturdy clothes to work in, so here are some recommendations on the best budget hiking pants for you to check out.

However, if you are an active and fit person, fruit picking is not such a hard task!

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Consider it as a bonus, you’re getting a full-body workout in a new country to explore while getting paid for it. Woohoo!



Earn $22,289 per year or $11.43 per hour as an apple picker in Canada With Visa Sponsorship, don’t miss this because Fruit picking jobs in Canada are one of the most popular kind of jobs among youngest people who are willing to do a different thing. Fruit picking jobs in Canada are very recommended for many reasons , especially for those who wants to earn some extra money.

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